Understanding Extreme Geohazards: The Science of the Disaster Risk Management Cycle

European Science Foundation Conference
November 28 to December 1, 2011, Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain


Sunday, November 27, 2011

1600 - 1830:Arrival/Registration
1930 - 2000:Welcome Drinks
2000 - 2130:Dinner

Monday, November 28, 2011

0900 - 1045:Opening Session. Co-Chairs: Stuart Marsh and Hans-Peter Plag
0900 - 0905:Hans-Peter Plag: Opening (text; video)
0905 - 0925:ESF (Paola Campus) : The European Science Foundation (presentation; video)
0925 - 0935:UNESCO (Robert Missotten): Welcoming address (video of the welcoming notes)
0935 - 0945:GEO (Francesco Gaetani): Welcoming address (address)
0945 - 0955:ICSU (Jane Rovins) : Welcoming address (address)
0955 - 1000:IGCP 585 (Roger Urgeles): Welcoming address (text)
1000 - 1045:Keynote Seth Stein, Robert Geller, Mian Liu: Bad Assumptions or Bad Luck: Why Natural Hazard Maps Fail and What To Do About It? (Abstract; presentation, ppt; video)
1045 - 1115:Coffee Break
1120 - 1330:Session 1: Extreme geohazards: What we know and potentially do not know. Co-Chairs: Seth Stein and Ivan Wong
1120 - 1155:Invited Brian G McAdoo: Offshore Geohazards and Risk Onshore- How Science can Contribute to Coastal Disaster Risk Reduction (abstract; presentation, prezi, video)
1155 - 1235:Invited Daniela Pantosti: Paleoseismology: reading the geological book in search for earthquakes and tsunamis of the past (abstract; presentation, pptx; video)
1235 - 1300:Robert Muir-Wood: The 'M9 Conundrum' - why the most critical earthquakes are also the most illusive (abstract; presentation, ppt; video)
1300 - 1330:Ron Harris: Reoccurrence of extreme geophysical events in Indonesia (abstract; presentation, pptx; video; School Case Study; Schools Education/Safety; Microzonation, Bogota)
1300 - 1430:Lunch
1445 - 1600:Session 2: Preparing for the extreme: quantifying the probabilities and uncertainties of extreme hazards. Co-Chairs: Roger Urgeles and Daniela Pantosti
1445 - 1520:Invited Ivan Wong: How Big, How Bad, How Often: Are Extreme Events Accounted for in Modern Seismic Hazard Analyses? (abstract; presentation, pptx; video)
1520 - 1550:Invited Carl Bonnevie Harbitz: Tsunamis caused by submarine landslides (abstract; presentation, pdf; video)
1550 - 1600:Discussion: How can science better address the uncertainties of the extreme events? See Questions/Statements.
1600 - 1630:Coffee Break
1630 - 1800:Session 3: Preparing for the extreme: costs of preparation versus costs of disasters. Co-Chairs: Alik Ismail-Zadeh and Robert Muir-Wood
1630 - 1700:Invited Gero Michel: Understanding and Managing Extreme Event Risk: The Insurance Industry (abstract; presentation, pptx; video)
1700 - 1720:Maria Bostenaru Dan: The economic impact of seismic retrofit on heritage buildings with historic reinforced concrete skeleton structure of the interwar time (abstract; presentation, ppt; video)
1720 - 1740:Shelley-Ann Jules-Plag and Hans-Peter Plag: Are building codes consistent with our evolving knowledge of geohazards? (abstract; presentation,ppt; video)
1740 - 1800:Youcef Bouhadad: Occurrence and impact of characteristic earthquakes in northern Algeria (abstract; presentation, pdf)
1900 - 2100:Dinner

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

0900 - 1045:Session 4: Predicting increased risks for extreme hazards: earthquakes . Co-Chairs: Gero Michel and Rui Pinho
0900 - 0930:Invited Alik Ismail-Zadeh: Modeling and Predicting Extreme Seismic Events (Abstract; presentation, ppt; video)
0930 - 0950:Álvaro González: Empirical forecasts of the occurrence of earthquakes in space (Abstract, ; video)
0950 - 1010:Suleyman Sami Nalbant: Long-term stress modelling: Implications for large earthquake forecasting (Abstract; video)
1015 - 1045:Discussion: Towards a time-variable view on probability? See Questions/Statements.
1045 - 1115:Coffee Break
1115 - 1300:Session 5: Predicting increased risks for extreme hazards: volcanoes and landslides. Co-Chairs: Brian Mc Adoo and Carl B. Harbitz
1115 - 1145:Invited Roger Urgeles, A. Camerlenghi, F. Palmer: Controls, timing, and characteristics of submarine landslides in the Mediterranean area as an example of science support for preparedness (abstract; presentation, pdf; video)
1145 - 1230:Keynote Dario Tedesco: Analysis and prevention of natural hazards in DRC: A UNOPS Pilot Project (abstract; presentation, ppt; video)
1230 - 1300:Discussion: How safe are sleeping volcanoes? See Questions/Statements.
1300 - 1430:Lunch
1430 - 1830:Excursion
1900 - 2100:Dinner

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

0900 - 1045:Session 6: Knowing the hazards and the potential disasters. Co-Chairs: Ron Harris and Marino Protti
0900 - 0940:Paraskevi Nomikou, S. Carey, D. Papanikolaou, K. Croff Bell, D. Sakellariou, M. Alexandri, K. Bejelou: Volcanic Hazard in the Kolumbo Submarine Volcanic Zone NE of Santorini Island (abstract, presentation, pdf; video)
0940 - 1010:Efthymios K. Tripsanas, Aristomenis P. Karageorgis, Christos Anagnostou, Vasilis Lykousis, Dimitris Sakelariou: Quaternary volcanic eruptions of the Santorini Island and associated gravity flow deposits in the Cretan Basin, South Aegean Sea (abstract; presentation, ppt; video)
1010 - 1030:Thomas Oommen: Challenges in Sampling Extreme Events: A Case Study of Probabilistic Earthquake-Induced Liquefaction Hazard Evaluation (abstract; presentation, pdf; video)
1030 - 1045:Discussion: Steps to close the gaps?
1045 - 1115:Coffee Break
1115 - 1300:Session 7: Early warnings before and during the event. Co-Chairs: Massimo Cocco and Antonella Peresan
1115 - 1200:Invited Jörn Lauterjung: Tsunami Early Warning: Some Thoughts and Lessons learned (presentation, ppt; video)
1200 - 1230:Marino Protti and Víctor González: An Earthquake Early Warning System For Vulnerable Essential Facilities: The Example of A Potential Implementation for central Costa Rica from a large earthquake in the Nicoya, Seismic Gap (abstract; presentation, pptx; video)
1230 - 1300:Discussion: Steps towards improved early warning
1300 - 1430:Lunch
1430 - 1600:Session 8: Assessing the disaster: the first few hours. Co-Chairs: Jörn Lauterjung and Dario Tedesco
1430 - 1500:Invited Rongjiang Wang: On the Complementary of High-Rate GPS and Strong-Motion Observations: A Case Study on the Near-Field Deformation Data for the 2011 Mw 9.0 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake (abstract; presentation, pptx; video)
1500 - 1600:Panel Discussion: Improving rapid disaster assessments. Participants: Brian McAdoo, Robert Muir-Wood, Jane Rovins, Seth Stein, Rongjiang Wang
1600 - 1630:Coffee Break
1630 - 1800:Session 9: Poster Session. Co-Chairs: Stuart Marsh and Hans-Peter Plag
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1900 - 2100:Dinner

Thursday, December 1, 2011

0900 - 1045:Session 10: Learning from disasters: science support for recovery and preparedness. Co-Chairs: Rongjiang Wang and Sarah Gaines
0900 - 0920:M. Khaleghy Rad and S.G. Evans: The reliability of a natural hazard system (abstract; presentation, pptx; video)
0920 - 0940:Anna Vigorito: Natural disasters and cultural heritage: International risk prevention and management strategies (abstract; presentation, ppt; video)
0940 - 1045:Panel Discussion: obstacles for disaster reduction through informed recovery, or why we don't learn as much as we could from disasters. Participants: Dario Tedesco, Ron Harris, Robert Muir-Wood. See Questions/Statements.
1045 - 1115:Coffee Break
1115 - 1300:Session 11: Science support for disaster reduction programs. Co-Chairs: Roger Bilham and Mona Khaleghy Rad
1115 - 1145:Invited Antonella Peresan: Seismic Hazard Assessments: current issues and advanced approaches for effective Disaster Reduction (abstract; presentation, pdf; video)
1145 - 1215:Invited Jane Rovins: The Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR) programme (presentation, ppt; video)
1215 - 1245:Invited Massimo Cocco: Responsibility and liability of scientists: the case of the L'Aquila earthquake (abstract; presentation, pptx; video)
1245 - 1300:Discussion: the role of science in disaster reduction: can it include a degree of liability?
1300 - 1430:Lunch
1430 - 1600:Session 12: Building infrastructure in support of disaster reduction. Francesco Gaetani and Robert Missotten
1430 - 1510:Invited Rui Pinho: The Global Earthquake Model project: a contribution to disaster risk management and disaster reduction (abstract; presentation, pdf; video)
1510 - 1540:Hans-Peter Plag, Francesco Gaetani, Stuart Marsh: GEOSS: Services Supporting Hazard Assessments and Disaster Reduction (presentation, ppt; video; GEOSS poster)
1540 - 1610: Sunitha Kuppuswamy: Information and Communication Technologies for Disaster and Development Communication in India (abstract)
1600 - 1630:Coffee Break
1700 - 1815:Session 13: Looking forward: the major science challenges. Co-Chairs: Jane Rovins and Paola Campus
1700 - 1800:Keynote Roger Bilham: Earthquake Engineering, Seismology, Corruption, Ignorance, and Poverty (abstract; presentation, pdf; video)
1800 - 1815:Hans-Peter Plag: Final words and closing (presentation, ppt; Stuart Marsh's notes, pptx)
1900 - 2100:Dinner

Friday, December 2, 2011


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