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Understanding Extreme Geohazards: The Science of the Disaster Risk Management Cycle

European Science Foundation Conference
November 28 to December 1, 2011, Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain

Invitation to Participate in a Picture Competition

Dear ESF Conference Participants,

We would like to invite you to participate in a small competition: we would like to ask you to submit you "favorite" geohazards picture. The Conference Programme Committee will act as the jury to select three winners.

All submitted pictures will be made available on the conference web page (, and the winners will be announced there, too. We also plan to display the submitted pictures during the conference in several posters. The web page with the pictures will be a resource for many of us and also for teachers, students, and others who are looking for pictures illustrating aspects of geohazards and the disasters caused by them.

Please, send your submissions to We will accept one picture submission per participant. Each submission must include:

  1. your name and affiliation/address;
  2. the picture (preferably jpg format);
  3. a brief description of the picture (up to 0.5 pages); the description should include the year the picture was taken (if known), and if the picture relates to a specific event, the event should be specified;
  4. a brief reasoning why this picture is your favorite one;
  5. copyright information; preferably, we would like to see pictures that are in the public domain, under a creative commons license, or similar licenses that allow others to use the picture with proper attribution but without having to request a permission;
  6. source information; i.e. the words that should be used to give credit if using the picture; if you are not the photographer, the name of the photographer should be include.

Please, do submit the picture as a separate attachment to your e-mail. All other information can be in the body of the email, a word document, or a pdf file.

Deadline for submission is November 20, 2011.

We hope, many of you will find the time to prepare a submission,

Hans-Peter Plag
Co-Chair, Conference Programme Committee