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The Declaration on Extreme Geohazards and Disaster Risk Management is a major outcome of the European Science Foundation Conference “Understanding Extreme Geohazards: The Science of the Disaster Risk Management Cycle” held on November 28 to December 1, 2011 in Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain. The declaration is available here.

The GHCP Road Map is a key document for the work of the GHCP. The Road Map comprehensively addresses the building blocks for EO support for all four phases of the disaster risk management cycle.


GHCP, 2010. GEO GeoHazards Community of Practice. Invited presentation at the International Forum on Satellite Earth Observation for Geohazard Risk Management, May 21st-23rd, Santorini. Available locally.

The observational requirements for geohazards application were summarized in a BRGM report published in 2007 (LeCozannet and Salichon, 2007).


LeCozannet, G., Salichon, J., 2007. Geohazards Earth Observation Requirements. BRGM, France, Report BRGM/RP-55719-FR. Available locally.

The IGOS Geohazards Theme report was updated in 2006/2007. The updated report (Salichon et al., 2007) was made public by BRGM.


Salichon, J., G. LeCozannet, H.Modaressi, S. Hosford, R. Missotten, K. McManus, S.Marsh, M. Paganini, C. Ishida, H.-P.Plag, J. Labrecque, C. Dobson, J. Quick, D. Giardini, K. Takara, H. Fukuoka, N. Casagli, W. Marzocchi, 2007. IGOS Geohazards Theme Report. BRGM, France, Report BRGM/RP-55739-FR. Available locally.

The IGOS Geohazards Theme report (Marsh et al., 2004) is the basic reference document on which the GHCP builts. This report comprehensively addresses the observational requirements resutling from key applications concerning the societal impact of geohazards, such as the mapping of geohazards, the assessment of risks resulting from geohazards, raising the awareness, and monitoring hazardous areas and providing timely warnings.


Marsh, S. and the Geohazards Theme Team, 2004. Geohazards Theme Report. Integrated Global Observing Strategy Partnership (IGOS-P), Theme Report. Available at Also available locally.