About the GHCP

The GHCP is a Community of Practice (CoP) supporting the Group on Earth Observations (GEO). The GHCP originated from the IGOS Geohazards Theme, which formed in the frame of the IGOS-Partnership.

The GHCP brings together groups and individuals involved in various aspects of geohazards, including research, monitoring and risk assessments, mitigation, and adaptation. The GHCP aims to provide a link between the broad geohazards community of practice and GEO in order to

  • ensure that the needs of this community are taken into account in the development of GEOSS,
  • facilitate support and participation of this community in the building of GEOSS, and
  • promote the use of GEOSS for geohazards-related applications.
The GHCP also provides a communication and coordinating platform for high level policy makers and the broader geohazards community.

The IGOS Geohazards Theme was initiated by IGOS-P in 2002 and published its first report in April 2004. This report provided a solid basis for the work of the Theme in the following years. Major events included two international Geohazards Workshops organized in 2005 and 2007 in Orleans, France, and Frascati, Italy, respectively (see http://igosg.brgm.fr/workshops_meetings.asp for details). Another important milestone was the publication of an updated theme report in 2007.

Between 2005 and 2008, the Theme was actively involved in GEO Committees and GEO Task Teams. In the course of the transition of IGOS Themes into GEO, activity shifted more to the broader GHCP.

Figure: The Geohazards Community of Practice. Different groups are related in various aspects of geohazards, including research, monitoring, and assessment, mitigation and adaptation, and disaster reduction and recovery. Ideally, the GHCP would integrate all these groups in a broad CoP. Currently, membership in the GHCP is more reflecting the groups on depicted in the left and center part of the diagram. These groups are providing observations, assessments, and scientific knowledge related to geohazards. The groups further away from earth observations and science and closer to societal applications are less represented, and the GHCP will have to make an effort to bring these groups into the CoP. From http://igosg.brgm.fr/geo_community_of_practice.asp.

Last edited 02 December 2016