Frascati Declaration

3rd International Geohazards Workshop
Frascati Declaration
8th November 2007

The third International Geohazards Workshop was held at the European Space Agency, Frascati, from 6th to 9th November 2007. About 250 scientists, engineers, risk managers and decision makers, experts in the field of geohazards, participated to this event. The following declaration was adopted:

We, as experts in the field of Geohazards, participating to the 3rd International Geohazards Workshop, recognizing

  • the scientific and operational need of both in-situ and space geospatial data, for the forecasting and monitoring of Geohazards
  • the need to address this issue within the framework of the Group on Earth Observations(1) and its Geohazards community of practice
  • the need to contribute, within our field of expertise/competency to the Hyogo Framework for Action 2005-2015 and its mechanisms for implementation
  • to promote multi-risk approaches for disaster risk management, starting with user requirements gathering, that put emphasis on the mitigation of Geohazards
  • to stimulate an international and intergovernmental effort to monitor and study selected reference sites by establishing open access to relevant datasets according to GEO principles to foster the collaboration between all various partners and end-users
  • to facilitate access to geohazards information through development of an architecture of interoperable distributed data and sensors, based on widely recognised interoperability standards and data models
  • to stimulate mutual exchange of knowledge between north and south in the field of Geohazards mitigation and to build on capacity
  • strengthen relationship between scientific institutions and communities and applied scientists by providing open access to the space and in-situ data
  • to strengthen regional coordination efforts building on already existing cooperation mechanisms, initiatives and projects.
  • to maintain and build a coordination body to ensure the further development of the Geohazards initiative and Community of Practice

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